Stephanie Adam


Why I work by Referral

In my many years of sales, I have found that when someone has worked with me and has been satisfied with my service they feel comfortable telling other people about me. My clients have told me that they trust me and know that I have their best interest at heart.  They know that I make every effort to do what it takes to help them meet THEIR goals in home ownership. 

I have found that when I get a call from someone that my client has referred to me, that we already have a connection and loyalty that is not found in just getting a name from the newspaper.  I appreciate the referral and do not take that referral lightly.  I work really hard to make sure that both the referring client is not disappointed and the client I work with is also pleased with my services.   A Realtor that is found on a listing sign or in an advertisement is working for the seller FIRST.  My job is to work for YOU.

I have built a successful career on working by referral.  So, the next time you talk to someone who is looking to buy or sell real estate,  my biggest compliment  would be for you to say to that person, “ Oh, Stephanie Adam is the person you should call.”